My new Fuze - q&a

1] The procedure [I guess proper for the battery type]

unboxed the player - batter over 80%

used it till the level dropped down to 5%

plugged th eplayer in to my laptop for 3h 50min

the screen display showed FULL icon

unplugged the plaer, turned it on and…

89% says the power indicator 

conclusion? should it be charged for 5 hours?

did you guys improve the power status indicator - the values keep changing up and down…

my FW: v01.02.26A - should I upgrade it?

2] just ordered ADATA micro SDHC 8 GB Class 10 for my player, please share your experience with cards - is the player going to be much slower on start up from now?

Different USB ports on your computer supply different amounts of power, so there’s no fixed time for charging, and no fixed time for the battery to last since different functions use different amounts of power. But if it says fully charged, you’ll likely get a full day’s use out of it.

You might as well upgrade the firmware to the latest (and last). Use Version 1, not  2 (which is for a different piece of hardware).

The high write speed of class 10 probably isn’t necessary,  but won’t hurt. When you load the card and unplug it, it will refresh the database on unplugging. That could  take a few minutes depending on how many files and what kind you put on the card. But when you start up it should turn on as usual.  If there’s a problem on startup it means there’s a file that the Fuze doesn’t like. Search the forums for mp3tag to see how to fix those.

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Also, if you know your way around computers and really want to obsess over battery life, you can install the alternate firmware Rockbox, , which allows a lot more tweaking. It has good points and bad points–search the forums for Rockbox.

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quick answers - lovin’ it wink

3] the blue ring cannot be deactivated - can it? heard it can under RB, true? 

@korbennn wrote:

quick answers - lovin’ it wink


3] the blue ring cannot be deactivated - can it? heard it can under RB, true? 

It can be deactivated under Rockbox, yes.

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And use the search box there for the other phones.

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