My MP3 Player Won't Work With My RCA Stereo!

The main reason I purchaced my RCA RS2664 Audio System is because it said

  • MP3, WMA®, CD-R and CD-RW Compatible – Plays MP3, WMA®, CD-R and CD-RW Audio Discs/li>

  • USB Host and CD Ripping – Plug in your MP3 Player and Record/rip from CD Directly to the Player Without a Computer, or Listen to your Music on the Player Through the Audio System

WRONG!  I’m writing both here and to RCA to figure out why this doesn’t work AT ALL!!! Please help!

Don’t know about the RCA side of the equation, but your Sansa mp3 player should probably be in MSC mode.

I’ve lost my manual :frowning: can you expalin what that means?

Go to Settings and look for USB Mode. You’ll see Auto, MTP and MSC. Switch to MSC. This makes the unit look like a basic flash drive to a computer or presumably, your RCA stereo.

Wait a minute, you don’t have your manual. You don’t even know if you are using it right, and you are dissing the product. That is something.

Otherwise, I googled your stereo, amazon users gave it 2-1/2 stars, most other reviews were even worse. One reviewer mentioned that ripping feature, but no one mentioned using that feature, or it’s capability. One mentioned it would not play back audio from an iPod on the USB connection. Another could not find this on the RCA website at all. Most reviews were very bad. You might want to return it while you still can.

Did you see an icon on the box referring to what MP3 players it functioned with? A USB connection usually requires a driver, and they are not all the same. It might only work with some players, and unfortunately iPod is likely to top the list or be the list.

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