My most desired feature

Sorry for the seperate thread, could not find a feature request thread.

A “display off” option (a.k.a gym mode or ultra power save mode…) where the display is disabled.  This would be nice since during active use, we often skip tracks or change volume and the display would turn on every time unnecessarily…  The mode can be exited when the power button is pushed briefly (or say holding the center button for 2 secs…). This would make this little gem a true superset of the ipod shuffle too :wink:

Some features I love about the clip:

* I can switch to radio for a while and resume music from the same point.   

* I can mute while listening to radio! 

Sandisk nailed it down to a near perfect player!


Yes, it’s great idea even because of OLED disp. has the limited lifetime of the organic materials

My favorite feature is the clip. I don’t know why every MP3 player and Ipod doesn’t have one.


I’d love such a power saving option too, for the display not to be activated when pressing Play/Pause, Next, Previous or the Volume buttons.