My memory card/camera keeps freezing


I have a SanDisk Pixtor 32GB SDHC card that I’m using in my Sony A6000.  Both are new as of May.  Over the last month or so, I have had increasing issues with what I am assuming is the memory card.  I’ve been talking a lot of pictures and my card filled up which I think is when the issue started.  I’ve deleted pictures off of it but still have recurring problems.  The red “reading memory card” light comes on when I am scrolling through pictures or trying to delete them.  This causes the camera to essentially freeze and slow down to unusable speeds.  It also seems to occassionally corrupt pictures during this process.  I also am starting to have problems moving the pictures over from my camera to my mac computer.  Again, it seems to freeze and then after a period of time where nothing transfers, it says the process as failed.  I am doing extended traveling and so can’t get help from a store back home.  Is there anything I can do about this?  I need to at least be able to retrieve existing pictures.  Does the memory card just need to be replaced?  Thanks for any advice.

Regardless of whether you see an error message on the Sony camera’s LCD screen, you can use the tips listed here to troubleshoot your Sony DSLR camera.

Battery issues. Because the Sony DSLR camera makes use of a larger battery pack than you’d find with a point and shoot camera, it can be a tighter fit to insert the battery pack. If you’re having problems inserting the battery pack, use the edge of the pack to move the lock lever mechanism out of the way, allowing the battery pack to slide more easily into the compartment.
LCD monitor is off. With some Sony DSLR cameras, the LCD monitor will turn itself off after 5-10 seconds if there is no activity to conserve battery power. Just press a button to turn the LCD on again. You can manually turn the LCD on and off by pressing the Disp button as well.
Cannot record photos. There are several potential causes for a Sony DSLR camera to be unable to record photos. If the memory card is too full, the flash is recharging, the subject is out of focus, or the lens is not attached properly, the camera won’t record new photos. Once you take care of those problems or wait for those problems to reset themselves, you can shoot the photo.
Flash won’t fire. If your Sony DSLR camera’s built-in popup flash unit won’t work, try these solutions. First, make sure the flash setting is either “auto,” “always on,” or “fill.” Second, the flash might be recharging if it fired recently, leaving it temporarily inoperable. Third, with some models you must manually flip up the flash unit before it can fire.

For more help visit Sony A6000 Manual.