my guide wheel is not turning

i don’t know what happened buts it’s turning like it’s glued or something and no i didn’t get it wet.

that didnt happen to me but the best advice i can give you is to either take it back or contact the Sansa techh support people to try and fix it. most likely they will replace it if you are positive you didnt get it wet or something.

One time i had my Fuze in my pocket at work and when i pulled it out the wheel had seized up ,but after working with it a moment or two i was able to free it up.It’s never happened again. 

I would say take it back! The Fuze is not meant to be taken apart and tampered with, so you can’t really fix it. Just take it back to the store you bought it with and if they won’t take it back, contact sandisk!

Either call: 1-866-SANDISK



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