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Very sneaky.  Though I haven’t seen an advertisement wedged in to a prior posting before, it still violates the terms of service.  The following paragraphs are quite perplexing, a result of an automated translator, perhaps?

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They are discontinued, so if you love it, get another one as a reserve. Or not–just run it into the ground and hope another gadget as good is available when it dies.

I ran my first one until the little nub on the power switch cracked off, and then used a penpoint to start it for a while before I got a replacement. Despite all the weird problems you read about here, good tagging and sensible hardware care should keep it going a long time.

For movies, try Video4Fuze.

Like Black-Rectangle suggests, a second fuze can’t hurt. Keep in mine you’ll be getting a smartphone someday. And if its like the Samsung Statosphere my daughter bought me, the ‘phone’ part will be the least used part. I put movies on without converting them.  I fully networked it with my desktop and I stream media out to the man cave in the backyard. Its replaced my 10 yearold gps/laptop setup in the car. The DRM flash streams on the web are jerky. But the mpeg and avi streams work.

But my 2 and 3 yearold fuzes are not dead. I still use one as a clock radio/boombox. The battery time between charges has gone down to 10-14hrs from normaly 17hrs.  Still old fuzes do make good car radios, hand-held GBA gaming machines and little kid pleasers. So you have to think if you need another one or not.

It is possible that when you saved a movie file on it, there was little disk space left of the device. Try to leave enough space on it.