My Fuze Requests

1: Options for the Blue Light of Blinding. Off, standard time intervals, and always on (or 1 hour, like with the backlight).

2: Ignore “The” in artist, album, and song view.

3: Go to Album. See This post.

4:  Line-out levels.

5: A black ‘theme’ or whatever you call it.

6: Full UTF-8 support.

Request #1 has been stated MANY times on this forum, and I personally want the always on option. I do 90% of my listening at night while driving, and having the light on will make finding the player so much easier. LEDs use less power than the screen so this makes for a better option than having the backlight go out after an hour.

#2 as it currently is is against the grain in standard English language sorting anyway, so it really should be ignored like it is everywhere else. Ever look up a book in a library? This too has been stated many times on the forums!

#3 would make my life just a little better. Quite often I’ll be listening randomly and come across a track that just screams “play the rest of the album!!!” :slight_smile: It should switch itself to Album mode and turn off Shuffle. Someone in another thread just enlightened me to the fact that if you Play All from the Album view it will load everything by album instead of everything alphabetically. So you just have to turn off Shuffle and you’re playing the album. Rock on!

#4 is me being hopeful, perhaps as an option in the Volume under Settings? Right now I keep it at a click away from 100% and, while not loud, it isn’t distorted.

#5 is the only personal one here. The current ‘theme’ system is just fine and is really all that is needed, but it could certainly use more options. Black-background options would be great (preferably with lightgrey text, but again there should be options)!

#6 is probably impossible, the font set is probably way too big. Most of my stuff has UTF-8 tags, and I’m just glad the full Western/European characters are supported. The extended stuff would certainly make the anime fans happy though.

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Totally agree with #2.

THE HOLD STEADY should be under H and not T.

Just do it yourself. I think MP3tag can easily change your filenames and/or tags to put The at the end or remove it completely.

Guess I am just totally spoiled by my previous player that did this.

A) I don’t want yet another piece of software to do my tagging. MediaMonkey is the best at that, IMO.

B) I don’t want to change Artist names. The Artist name is THE HOLD STEADY or THE BEASTIE BOYS.

C) This is certainly NO deal breaker. Nothing that makes me dislike the player in any way at all. Just a very simple suggestion to make it even more user friendly.

B) I don’t want to change Artist names. The Artist name is THE HOLD STEADY or THE BEASTIE BOYS.

Exactly. The tags are perfectly correct, the problem is with the player not sorting it properly. Changing the tags would affect all the other apps I use to listen to music too. Besides, we’re talking about thousands of files here, it’s nontrivial to simply change the tags…

It obviously isn’t a deal breaker since I already own one :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I’ve been educated on Play All with the Album view I’m a pretty happy camper.