My Fuze just suddenly stopped working properly. Please help?

I have had my Fuze for over a year now. I went to turn it on the other day and the opening/intro animation works fine, but then when it gets to the song playing the screen has a wiping effect. Each button I press that takes me to a new screen, it has that wiping transition effect. I am not able to use the thumbwheel anymore, so I can’t choose songs or change volume. When I turn it off, the closing animation has the wiping transition effect only sped up and then slowed down. I tried connecting it to my computer through the USB cable, but my computer doesn’t recognize it. The Fuze connects to the computer and starts to charge, but I can’t access it through the computer. The Fuze still plays music, but I am not able to choose songs because of the thumbwheel not working. I am still able to press the up, down, left, right, middle, home, and use the on/off/hold switch.

Do you know about my problem and how to fix it?

thelastclap wrote:

Do you know about my problem and how to fix it?

No, but it sounds like a pretty cool visual effect.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, this sounds like something is wrong internally. It is not a problem we’ve heard described here before. I’d suggest re-installing the firmware, but if it will not connect, then that is out.

Time to call in the pros, aka SanDisk Tech Support. Depending on where you live it may or may not still be under warranty, but hopefully they can help you.

Probably have to wait until tomorrow though as today is Memorial Day.