My Fuze is stuck in a loop

I am trying to transfer songs from Napster onto a Sandisk 4GB external memory card in my Fuze.

However, about half of my songs inexplicably recieved a TRANSFER ERROR. Now, Napster cannot recognize it as a Sandisk Fuze 4 GB, instead referring to it as REMOVABLE DISK (L:), and the player itself seems to be stuck in a loop, saying “NOT ENOUGH SPACE FOR MUSIC DB. PLEASE FREE 90 MB” However, it will not let me perform any action to fix the problem, and the screen goes black after a few seconds unless connected to the computer. 

Can anyone help me correct this error? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Unplug it from the computer and then push the switch up like you are turning it on or off only this time hold it for 15-20 seconds. This is a reboot of your device. Try this first. If it doesnt work you may need to format and reinstall the firmwire.

The player needs to be in MTP mode to properly transfer licenses for protected music. Even then, protected music might not work properly on a memory card, and might need to be in the player’s main memory to work. Try moving your unprotected music to the memory card, and putting the protected music in the player’s main memory.