My Fuze is acting...wierd.

My fuze is acting wierd, in the sense that, all i see when i turn it on is a blue screen. I did download the new firmware, hoping that would help, but it did not. After updating my firmware, my fuze also, no only turns on occasionally, and for only a few seconds. It still shows the blue-ish screen during that time. Does anyone know how this may bee solved?

Plug it in for 30 minutes, (an arbitrary number), then slide the switch up and hold it for 15 -20 seconds. This may help.

thanks ill try that out

Try this thread, pay special attention to points 3 and 11.

I tryed three numerous times and it didnt work. Also, i cant really think of a Header that works for my problem.

How long have you had the fuze? Sounds like bad hardware. You may want to return it. If you cant.  Try calling Sansa.

Ok that thread was only made into a sticky a couple of hours ago… your forgiven :wink:

Still, it was on the front page and it would have been in the results of a search.

… oh that reminds me… I will add a section on giving feedback to that FAQ thread.