My Fuze 8GB Isn't Working.

Yesterday, I went out and bought another Sanza Fuze after the one I had previously eventually broke. The previous one I had lasted several years for me without a single problem. The new one I have, for some reason, just doesn’t work. When I’m trying to put the same songs on it that were on my other Fuze, it doesn’t download most of them. The one’s it does download, when I turn it on, it plays them for a split second and then just stops. I’ve restarted it several times, formated it as well. New songs I’m trying to sync to it, it brings up an error list saying Unexpected for all of the songs. I’m using Songbird if that helps. Please, I really want to know why this Fuze is just bad compared to my other one.

Well, it could just be defective.

But try going to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and trying MSC and MTP (take it off Auto Detect). 

What is the source of those music files? Are they from CRhapsody or Napster? If so, they have DRM-encryption that won’t allow them to be played on an un-authorized device. If this is the case, you’ll have to remove the old unit from the service and set this one up in its place.

If they aren’t subscription tracks and were instead ripped from your own CD’s, did you rip them in Windows Media Player as .wma file format? By default, WMP adds ‘copy-protection’, the same DRM crapola as the pay-to-play services. In this case, you’d have to re-rip them all, preferably in .mp3 format which contains no such DRM crippling.

You mentioned your previous one lasted ‘several years’. Time certainly files when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? The Fuze has only been out for 2 years.