My express with 8GB microSD card *picture*

hello all,

i was so excited to purchase the express given there was no more need for cables.  but it lacked certain space.  upon seeing on this forum that the newest firmware would support microSDHC i purchased an 8GB card.  i installed and with no issue at all my computer sees the space.

my only complaint is that the microSD card sticks out a bit and appears it can easily be ejected from the express.  i suppose i may have to remedy this with some sort of case, but i got this item because of it’s compact size.  any suggestions?

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I don’t use a case with mine, but I’ve never had a problem with accidentally ejecting cards.  It’s just not that easy to do by mistake.

Which brand SDHC micro card are you using and what version of the Express firmware are you running.


Even if the card does get pressed and the spring releases, the card does not fall out.  There is still resistance and it must be pulled out.  I have not lost a card yet.

i have an “L” shaped headphone input, so i just turn it downward when i wrap it up or when it’s in use, i’ve had mine for about 2 weeks now and i’ve been to games and its been bumped around but the L shape prevents anything from contacting the card and i haven’t had it even come close,

you’ll be fine

That’s GR8 :manhappy:

Which version would firmware support microSDHC 8GB card ?

I am in Europe and the only one I could find is firmware version 01.01.05F

Is this the right one? If not where can I find the correct one?


i am using a sandisk card and my firmware version is: 01.01.05A2