My docs music folders empty when going through Sansia Media convertor

Hi, when I go to my music folders on my computer through the Sansia Media Converter program with my Sansa e200 plugged in and conected to find the songs and  drop and drag all the folders are  empty??? (photos are all there fine) Please help!

The Sansa Media Converter is designed to transfer video and photos to your device.

To transfer music, it’s a bit different.  You can transfer your music files using programs like Windows Media Player or Winamp.  With these applications, you can synchronize your music files with the device, meaning that the songs in your music library can be copied to the device as a group en masse.

You can also simply sync a few desired files, or drag and drop the music files directly to the music file on the device.

In order for the files to be recognized by the Sansa, they will need ID3 tags on them.  If the music was ripped from CDs on your computer, as long as it has a live internet connection during the ripping process, it will generate the ID3 tags automatically using Winamp or Windows Media Player.

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Hi the music is old casette tapes I have copied through Adobe Audition to MP3??

OK, there’s no problem playing those files back.  They just need modernizing to play on your device.

Download and install MP3Tag, it’s free!

Use the application to add ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 tags on your files.  Fill in the fields for “song” and “album” with your recording information as desired, and then transfer the files to your Sansa.  They will be searchable by “album”, “song”, as you wish. Use the date in one of these fields, and you can sort them sequentially.

Once the files are tagged, you can send them to the Sansa via Windows Media Player or you can simply drag and drop them in the Music folder of the Sansa, using Windows Explorer (My Computer).

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Thank you your very kind much appreciated!