My Computer Doesn't recognize Music on Fuze anymore

I have an 8gb Fuze with a 16 gb SDmicro. I have been loading music with no problem for the last year. Everything is licensed. Now it will only recognize some of the first 10 albums I loaded when I sync it to my computer. The Fuze still shows all music when not connected, but I can’t manage all my music when connected to computer. Where did I go wrong?



Go to Settings/System Settings and change the USB Mode (MSC to MTP, or MTP to MSC). Maybe your first albums were loaded in a different mode. The computer can only see one mode at a time–the Fuze sees all content all the time.

I tried as you suggested of changing the setting and no difference. I am still in the dark as why it started suddenly to stop seeing the music. I didn’t have this issue last week.

The Music folder may be hidden in MSC mode. It was in the E200–I forget whether it also is in the Fuze, since I have all my folders un-hidden. You can Un-Hide them too. Do that, then look again in MSC. 

If you prefer keeping things hidden, you can put the albums anywhere you want  (except TEMP) on the Fuze, so just start a new folder called MyMusic or Albums or Chronosynclastic Infandibulum and put them there.