My computer died I think it might be the SDSSDX120CC25

My son built this media centre for me and it has been running for some months without rebooting.

I went away for 3 days and shut it down normally before I left and now all I see is the screen below. Can anyone give me any clues as to what I do next please?

Award Modular BIOS V6.00PG   , An Energy Star Ally

Copyright (c)

EP45-DS3 F3

Main Processor Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2100 @ 2.00Ghz (200X10)

<CPUID:06FD Patch ID:00A3>

Memory Testing : 4193280K OK

Memory Runs at Dual Channel InterLeaved

IDE Channel 1 Master : SanDisk SDSSDX120CC25 R2.01


IDE Channel 2 Master  :  .

It looks like the PC is stuck at POST. Are you able to Enter the BIOS? If not try disconnecting the SSD and see if you can then get in the BIOS. If it is successful without the SSD connected you may have a bad SSD. You could connect it in an external enclosure to confirm. 

well i have the maby the same problem i shut down my pc and wen i boot it just nothing bios did not recognize the ssd drive from thear oficial website is sad that i must check the bios and cabels  ( ppl maby some one is ■■■■■ but what is ??? 1 cable sata 6gb port to ssd yea my bad frou up who can go wrong with that i have a custom build pc and they are saing that if that not help i must send the ssd drive to “Czech Republic at your own expense " great ssd price is 80 pounds i wil spend more 10 why the hell i iven bother to by sandisk and the speed of that ssd was  ridiculous”“”" w130 /r 380 “”""wen you cant do something just stop i olrady sow at least 1000 complains from this SDSSDX120CC25 it work only 25 days ( 3 h per day -75 h work time ) if you ask me AVOID THIS BRAND AS BLACK MARK ON MARKET .Czech Republic insane