My Clip's Survival Story

Just thought I’d share this. I have a 1GB Clip I use when walking or driving primarily listening to audiobooks. I lost mine during the heart of a nasty Michigan winter in the parking lot of my workplace. I guess the only real gripe I have about the design is the clip does not grip enough for oafs like me, and I must have fallen off my pants pocket getting out of the car. I didn’t realize I lost it until my drive home. I was sure I lost it in the lot, and a snowplow plowed the lot that afternoon and I lost hope of ever finding it. We had 88 inches of snow this year (so far) and sub zero temps for about 10 days in January.

Well, we had a big thaw from a warm rainy day that melted most the snow. On a whim I looked in the grass where the snowplow dumps the snow, and there it was, sitting in the very soggy grass. It was soaking wet and the display window was all fogged up. I put it on top of my old school CRT monitor at work to dry it out slowly. At the end of the day, it looked normal. I fired it up, and lo and behold it worked perfectly! It was even about 80% charged after a month in a eight foot snowbank. I had just bought a 4GB Clip a couple days before finding it as a replacement, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for two!

Thanks Sansa for a great product! Heck my iPod touch fried in a drop of spilled coffee last fall…guess I’m a clod…

Amazing :slight_smile:

woah. tough little bugger. im impressed.

Thanks for the tale–harkens back to the old Timex watch survival ads.

Superb story - just reenforces how good the Sansa Clip is!!!

I have a Fuji camera I have used for years at music festivals and am always amazed it makes it through the rock ‘n’ roll, mud and fun unscathed.

One year I was watching a headlining act and it was pouring down with rain but I wanted some shots… making my mind up that the camera had lasted alot longer than I would have thought and I had never lost it - I figured I would sacrifice it in the rain in the hope of getting even a few decent shots of the band.

The camera ended up full of water and the water was literally running out of the things.  When I got back the to tent I shook it violently to get as much water out as possible but the thing would not turn on and the lens was clouded and had spots of water in the inside.

Left it in the tent in the hot sun the next day and to my surprise - that evening - the thing worked and still takes a great photo to this day!



“Do not try this at home …”