My Clip Zip overheats and lost battery autonomy


I bought a Sansa Clip Zip there 2-3 ago. Today, when I recharge it, it gets very hot and does not seem to fill as quickly as before.

In addition, the autonomy is ridiculous. With OGG file, compressed to 192kbps, I can only listen to 10 songs after 3 hours of USB charging. Does anyone can help me?

Thank you.

Sounds like a defective battery. if it is less than a year old(or perhaps 2 years for parts of the EU?) you can get an RMA and send it back to Sandisk for a replacement. If you can’t get it replaced under warranty, then buy another one. You say the player is 2-3 but you didn’t mention if that is months or years. i guess you probably meant months, as the Clip Zip was released less than 2 years ago.