My clip player is suddenly empty OMG HELP!!

Hey, so I have a 4GB San Disk sansa clip, about a month old and in good condition, I plugged it into my laptop to charge it, and it was charging for maybe a day. When I unplugged it to listen to it, it suddently says that it is EMPTY!! Why??? I really hope it’s just a weird mode or something, I didn’t do ANYTHING to it besides charge it the  right way (By plugging it into my computer)

Help help help!!!

The music database may be corrupted.  Try the simplest thing first: slide the power switch up to the ON position for about 20 seconds, then release the slider.  Try powering up the Clip again.

On the Clip, go to Settings > System Settings > Info, then scroll down.  Let us know what you see in the Memory and Free categories.  Look farther down at Songs, and see if the counter shows your number of songs.


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THANK YOU for replying!! I love you!!!

Okay…I know I may sound like a HUGE idiot but please bear with me, since I"ve only had this thing for like a month. What is the “power switch”? I have the typical  thing in the middle with the button and  the up/down/left/right arrows surrounding it, the other button on the front that looks like a house for the menu button, and the button on top that you use to turn the mp3 player on and off. I tried the on/off button, holding for 15 secs, and that doesn’t help, it just turns off/on. Which button is the power switch? (Again I know I sound like an imbecile, but thank you so much and please help me some more if you can)

The power switch indeed is the on-off switch.  I’d try it again, but holding it uppermost for about 30 seconds.  It acts as a reset button.

The reason for the confusion over the power switch is because you posted in the clip forum and you have a clip+

You did keep all your songs on the computer too right?  Not just on the player?

I tried the power switch and it isn’t working :confused: The thing is, I’m in college, and I used  the free Rhapsody trial and put all my songs on  the player at  my parents’ place on their computer since it was over Christmas break when I got it (I don’t live at home). After I filled up my player to full capacity my dad cancelled the Rhapsody thing since there was no need to keep paying for it once I got all the songs. Are the songs still on their computer? Or would they be gone since the 30 day trial “subscription” is gone? (We cancelled it like 3 days into it, so it didn’t expire).

What do I do? Helllp :confused:

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My understanding of Rhapsody is that the songs will only work while you have a valid subscription.  So if you don’t have one, you can’t play the songs anymore.  Didn’t realise they didn’t show up at all though without one, that’s an interesting idea if it is the case.

Wait, so did I seriously boot all the songs off my player? All I did was charge it overnight!!! *cries*

Umm…if I cancelled the subscription after only 3-4 days into the 30-day free trial, can I restart my trial by putting in the old info and having 26-27 days left on it?

Do I seriously need to wait until I go home to visit my parents, and then restart my Rhapsody? There’s nothing else I can try?

Is there a phone number for tech support?

This isn’t a problem with your clip+, this is a problem with your rhapsody subscription.  Contact rhapsody if you need more advice.

The trial wasn’t intended to be free music forever, it was supposed to convince you to buy a subscription so you can keep your songs.

Rhapsody is a pay-to-play service (afer the free trial). As long as you pay, the music will play.