My Clip is turning itself on


Initially I thought that my Clip had battery problems, as it would not hold charge from one day to another. Later I discovered that it is turning itself on. In this way, after a couple of hours that I turned it off, it comes by itself on again. After that, it keeps playing the radio (I listen the radio a lot) until the battery no longer has charge.

My firmaware is V01.01.29A.

Does anyone has a similar problem? Is there any type of solution?


That’s exactly what’s happening to my Clip.

Please, help!!! It is turning itself on all the time. I can see it right now turning itself on a few minutes after I put it off. I have already tried to reset it (menu system > reset all) without success. Please…

For the phantom power On issue, first try a soft reset, holding the power switch in the ON position 10 seconds, the device should reset.

If it continues to power on, one of two possibilities exist: the power switch has a leaking (electrical term) contact, activating the device, or the circuit may have an issue.  The second may be a software glitch.

Before going through the return under warranty process, I’d try reinstalling a fresh copy of the firmware via the firmware thread directions, and see if the problem is rectified.

Next, simply call 1-866-SANDISK for a replacement under the warranty, if the problem continues.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: