My Clip+ gave up on life and turned into a Ipod Shuffle

today i was on my usual van ride to school in rio de janeiro and while jamming to some heavy Sunn O))), the screen suddenly gave out. there was no reason for it, no jolt or force or hit. it just turned off and never turned on again. my clip still plays music and functions normally, but there is just no screen. while this is normal to a Shuffle, this is alarming for a clip and i would like to know if i can get my screen working again or if i’m **bleep** out of luck, and if so if there is some kind of warranty i can get to once i get home from rio in december.

First try resetting the player. Is it a Clip or Clip+? To reset the player, push the button or slider like you are turning on the player, but then hold it for 20 seconds. If this doesn’t help, then I suggest that you download the firmware and reload it on the player. Sometimes the firmware in the player gets corrupted. If that doesn’t help, then you probably have a hardware problem. Your player might still be covered under the manufacturers warranty. In the US it is a year. I don’t know about how long it is elsewhere.