My car stereo!

I play my sansa fuze with an mp3/cassette adapter so I can listen to my music in my car!

The player in my car keeps tiring to rewind the empty shell of a cassette!

what could be the problem! 

You might need a different cassette adaptor.  Using a pencil, rotate one of the hubs in your adaptor.  Does the second hub also rotate?

Many cassette decks will sense if the second hub is rotating together with the “take up” hub.  If it is not, the deck will try rewinding the tape, to prevent a hairball in the deck.

Most adaptors have a small belt running between the hubs.  It’s possible that the belt has broken.

Bob  :wink:

I checked my cassette adaptor, and both wheels turn. I opened it up and took a gear that makes this thing spring up in to the reader or something. So now I will try it with out the thing popping up on the deck slot. I will relay my findings!

I have a semi-broken one of these.  Very handy.  

Have you tried to flip the cassette over?  You may already have, but this fixed it for me once. 

Yes I have!

Since I have taken out that part of the cassette and keeps this prong looking thing from sticking in to the deck, the rewinding has been delayed. 

I play it on one side and for about an hour it tries to rewind it, so I just flip it over, and for about another hour it flips it again.

Any other suggestions?