My AAA Charger for Car

I couldn’t find a car charger for one AAA cell. The chargers available charge two or more AAA’s and have long wires.

I made the type of charger I wanted. My original idea was to make it simple. A single AAA holder on a lighter plug. I couldn’t find a single AAA holder locally (they are available on the internet).

I bought a two cell holder from Radio Shack. I mounted it on the lighter plug from an old cell phone charger. I removed the parts from the PC board and soldered in my LM317T based constant current charger circuit. I put a toggle switch where the wire used to exit the plug. The switch lets me charge one or two cells. The charge current is always 85mA, one or two cells, with the input voltage from 5 to 20 volts. There is a bright red LED above the switch that only lights when the charge current flows.

I patch my m240 into the 3.5mm line input on my car stereo. The charger has been useful. I keep one AAA charging while using the other. I always have a charged AAA ready to use. No alkalines for me. All I bought was the AAA holder, I had everything else in my basement. I’ve always been an electronics nut.

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Very cool. Looks clean as well.

When does it go on the market? :robotwink: