my 8gb clip is dead

I already did the 15sec reset plugged in to my computer…nothing is working?? I have laterst firmware too! Please help

Ok you described the fixes you tried with no description of the problem. The things you tried are suggested for almost everything, so we need details to be able to help you.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear the first time…

I was just playing my music like usual, then all of a sudden…the unit went dead. No power, nothing! 

I did what Nuetron Bob suggested, which are:

  1. Slide the power switch up into the spring loaded ON position, and HOLD it up for 10-15 seconds.

Release, and try powering up as usual, with a short press in the ON position.

  1. slide the power switch down to the HOLD/LOCK position (orange showing).  Press and HOLD the center button down while connecting to a live USB port on your computer.  Continue holding a few seconds until the device is recognized. 

I did both steps to a T but nothing seems to work? I haven’t call tech support yet since I figured I can solve this on my own, but by the looks of it I might need expert help after all!

Any suggestions?

Have you tried connecting to another computer? How much battery life was left when it went “Dead”? If the battery was low, you may be able to save it using a wall charger but if your battery was good then Im thinking there is an internal problem

A very odd thing just happened, my sansa just turned on by itself!!! I didn’t do anything I swear! I just left it on my table and stepped out for a while to get a glass of water? Not that I’m complaining of course… But can somebody explain to me what just happened? 

BTW, to answer your question coversion box…my sansa was fully charged when it went dead.

I just hope this won’t happen again esp when I’m at the gym…hitting the treadmill w/out music would really suck!

Sometimes they get a little “Sick” and need to sit for a while. The other thing is that some clips have had issues with a wire coming loose on the battery and that can cause some strange things to happen.