My 2nd Cruzer Glide Went Read-Only

This just happened a few months ago with another Cruzer Glide USB drive. Here comes take two… Just using it like normal when I unplugged it (not being used at the time), plugged it back in, and now it won’t show up as a listed drive on my Windows 7 PC.

In Disk Management, the partition is there with all it’s 14GB of important data! However it is described as “Read Only.” Unlike the previous USB drive that did the same thing, this time I cannot view the files on the drive to back them up!

I haven’t done a THING to it yet, so please, advise me on the steps I should take to:

  1. Backup my data.

  2. Hopefully repair it.

Again, the drive does not show up in Windows Explorer, but does show up in Disk Management. (Check the attachment)

I was advised last time on these forums to get a new USB drive. So I did, and now it happened again? AND I can’t access my files to back them up? How shotty are these SanDisk drives? If this doesn’t get resolved I’m NEVER buying SanDisk again!

In Disk Management are you able to assign it a drive letter?

If that doesn’t help you can check some of the links in this posting:

Thanks, but when I right-click on the partition, everything is grayed out except for properties and help. So no, I can’t assign a drive letter.

As for your links, the first two simply tell me im SOL. The third link suggests I run the chkdsk command, however no drive letter is assigned so I don’t think I can point it to the drive. However, I did run it through disk part and curiously, it stated the drive was not in a Read-only state, but was in a Current Read-only state (see attachment). The third link says that means it is physically write-protected. Does this mean there is an internal switch? Or instead that the drive is physically damaged? Or something else? They recommend I reprogram the firmware. Is this really necessary considering the firmware was fine to begin with (not a fake drive) AND I really just want to recover the data that is on it.

And considering that flash drives are cheap and they typically last in households for several years (and it is not common knowledge that they “go bad” from normal use) I don’t have my receipt to request an RMA.

Thanks for your time.


“when I right-click on the partition, everything is grayed out except for properties and help. So no, I can’t assign a drive letter.”

There’s something wrong, even if the drive was read only you should be able to read it which means be able to assign a drive letter to it…

Find a different pc to try the drive in. 

And you don’t need a receipt to request an RMA.