My 270e Sansa

My Sansa 270e wont read any sdhc cards.  All my other deivices read them fine. All of them are SanDisk SDHC cards . The cards open up Drive G, But, when clicked it asked for a disk to be inserted. Please help.  My Modes are Rhaposody and Playsforshure.  There appears to be no available new firmware. The sdhc i want to use is 8gb

The e270 is a version 1 model and only reads SD cards (2GB & less).

No, there isn’t a way to upgrade it to a version 2 that reads SDHC (4GB & more), but if you’re up to it you could install Rockbox, 3rd-party open-source firmware that will allow the larger cards to be read.

Check it out at

Since you have Rhapsody and Plays For Sure modes, this confirms that you have an R (rhapsody) version e200.

Be sure, if you wish to try Rockbox on your device, to follow the installation directions for the R version, as it’s different.

Bob  :wink: