I’m new to all of this.  What’s the music protection thing that isn’t allowing my to transfer my songs that I buy onto my player? Also anyone else have a problem syncing music using Media Player 11? I had to uninstall it in order to for my player to work. Player 10 works fine.

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Copy Protection is an option inside of Windows Media Player(WMP) that can be enabled or disabled. Some CD’s have different copy protections that can be enabled and they could potentially stop your player from reading the file in order to play it.

You can go Tools>Options> and RIP music tab from inside WMP to see the option. It will appear as a box that can be checked and un-checked. Unchecked is preferable.

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where did you bought the songs?

First tried I itunes, was told I couldn’t get the music from them cause I don’t have an apple player. Then tried Wal-mart downloads. Music downloaded to my library on WMP, but get an error message when I try and sync the song to the player.

You remember the error message?  Would help SanDisk resolve the issue for you if they knew.  Same for me, I would like to help, but the solution is in the error.

Sorry don’t remember, got so frusterated, went and bought the CD and just downloaded it that way. So much easier!!  I will be trying more, will see what the error says and write it down at that time.  It had something to do with security I think.

I see, well… the next time you get that error message, let us know

The protection is a way for a major music companies to control how you use the music you purchased , but not allowing you to use it with anything but your the device your purchased it for. I suggest you purchase software called “Sound Taxi”, which allows you to convert protected music to unprotected MP3 files, so you can use it on any off your players. I do NOT advocate illegal copying of music. But I have multiple music players: PSP, Sansa C250 & e140, Creative Zen 30GB, iPod Nano - and I strongly belive that I should be able to play the songs I purchased from Apple for my iPod on other players as well. “Sound Taxi” allows me to convert protected songs to plain MP3 files that are usable on all players.