Music Won't Delete

I put an album on my new Fuze, and then when I tried to delete it, it was still there. When I plug it in to my computer it says that the album isn’t there, but when I unplug it and play my music, there it is. Anyone know what’s happening here?


Does it play or does it just show up in the list?

For a listing only: In MSC mode, delete mtable.sys , which is the database. It will rebuild when you disconnect. 

If it does play, maybe you transferred it in a different mode from the one you usually use. Switch in Settings/USB mode from MTP to MSC (or the other way around) and see if your computer detects it in the other mode. Then delete it again. 

Similar problem - no answer.  I loaded a lot of jazz on my Fuze, plays fine.  The albums appear on Windows Explorer and WMPlayer.  Then I updated the firmware.  Music still there on the Fuze but Explorer and Player don’t show them and I can’t delete using my computer.  I loaded a few more albums and they show up fine.  I deleted and restored drivers but that didn’t help.  This is on both computers (XP and Vista).  Any ideas anyone?

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