Music track filing for shuffle feature

I want to play both tracks of music and tracks of lectures taken from CDs and put into mp3 format.  If I put them on my Fuze, with the Media Player sync or by drag and drop, how can they be kept separate so when I use the shuffle feature only the songs are played and not the lecture (talk) tracks?

put the lecture in the podcast or audio book folder or edit the id3 tags of the lecture and set genre to podcast or audiobook. this will keep them out of shuffle and give you the option of bookmarking your lecture.

That sounds easy. Will try it later tonight.

glad I asked


Alternatively, you could make 2 playlists; 1 with only music and 1 with only your lectures. Then you could just select one or the another. Shuffle would still work on whatever playlist was ‘on’ at the time.