Music Track Details Question

I’m wondering if i missed something with my Fuze+

My old Creative Zen had a way for you to see various track info (while playing)

It would show the name, format, bitrate and the cd year and so on

(you had to hit a button to leave the now playing screen)

So im wondering is there any way to get info on the Fuze+ sorta like that ?

I don’t think so but i figured i’d ask… i never did read the manual lol

What im after mostly is to find a way to get the Album year from the track im playing

I always name my cd rips like this -> X:\MyMusic\Artist\Year - Title\

I tend to throw lots of full disc rips from the same artist on my player

and all the albums fall under the artist name category (which is the only way i want to browse the content)

but after that then they show up in a list alphabeticly.

So if im not familiar with the music i might be listening to a disc from 1991 or 2011 and have no idea

Anyone have any thought on this ?