Music Slowdown


I am a musician that wants to buy a MP3 player that can honestly slow down music so difficult rifts are more easly learned. I have read that the Fuse has a slow down capability. I don’t want to buy another MP3 player that will not be capable of slowing down my H2 Zoom pre recorded MP3 music files.  I already own two Sony Walkman Mp3 players, a 4 Gig and an 8 Gig. Neither has the slow down capabitity.

What I have read about the fuse is very interesting but none of the reviews touch on the music slowdown feature.  

Is the fuse able to do this well enough that the slow down would be sufficient to study the fill techniques I might be interested in or, should I be looking at some other MP3 player. 

I have downloaded a couple of different shareware programs that are supposed to do this but they wind up being nothing more than a prerequisite to buying an expensive program.

Thanks for reading my post and for any help you may lend to my search. 

@chuckmac wrote:  

I have read that the Fuse has a slow down capability.

You have read incorrectly. The Fuze does not do this (nor any Sansa mp3 player for that matter).

Typin’ too fast, Tapeworm. He means to say it does NOT do this.

Perhaps you were thinking of Samsung?  Cnet messed up on this page by including the Fuze, but it does show Samsung and dopI players with the option.Open up Specifications to double check.

You could also upgrade your Zoom H2 to a Sony PCM-M10 recorder, which is better in about a zillion ways including Digital Pitch Control–same pitch, different speed. Their price has dropped to about $225 at Amazon or

Or use your computer for playback.

Winamp is free software at You can get a speed-shifting plugin called Pacemaker here

Too much misinformation here. The Fuze using the  Sandisk firmware only has a play speed setting for podcasts and audiobooks. It is only fast, slow or normal, and there is no pitch correction. Using Rockbox on the Fuze, one can adjust the play speed, and also adjust the pitch.

Using the Sandisk firmware, if one sets the genre of a song to podcast or audiobook or puts the song in the podcasts or audiobooks folder on the player, the player will treat it as a podcast and allow the speed setting. It won’t put it in the song database then.

Windows Media Player has variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction. It is probably already on your pc.