I finally got music on my FUZE but when I play it, the music sounds like a ‘skipping record.’

This has been a nightmare, Im ready to send it back and get an IPOD like many people told me I shouldve gotten in the first place .

What can be the problem ?? 

I need a little bit of detail concerning your source music files.  Were they ripped from CD?

If so, try playing the file from the PC side, as in Windows Media Player, to see if the file is OK.

It may be as simple as reripping the problem track.

The Fuze needs mp3 or wma files.  Don’t worry…we’ll figure this baby out!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Hi Bob

Yes the files were ripped from a cd and they play fine on my PC. 

If I format this device one more time and start from the beginning Im going to FREAK !!!, ha ha ha 

Does the ‘mode’ matter ???

If you’re referring to the USB mode, the Sansa can communicate with the PC in one of two modes, MSC (Mass Storage Class) or MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).  The latter mote, MTP, allows the Sansa to load protected media, like Rhapsody, Napster, Overdrive, and Audible books.

In MTP mode the device is listed as a “media player”, and in MSC mode, you have direct control, as the computer sees the device as a flash drive.

MTP mode does many functions in the background, like album art and licenses for files.  It’s made to “look” like MSC mode, and the result is natural confusion.

The quirk between these two modes is that files transferred in one mode cannot be seen while in the other mode, at least from the PC side.  The Sansa sees everything.

On to your quirky file.  I’ll guess that you used Windows Media Player to “rip”, or convert, the file to mp3.  Did you notice that the album information pops up while loading the music into the WiMP library?  If all is well, the album art can be found too.  MTP mode seems easier for WiMP to get those images together with your music.

Click on the skipping track and select properties, or check your settings for CD ripping, to see if you’re building an mp3 file at about 192KBPS- I think this is ideal.  I rip wma files at 160KBPS and they sound pretty good, but I use those in “protected mode” as WMDRM files for experiments.  WMA files, if the media player is transferring them as protected, will take about 30 seconds per track to transfer.  MP3 files will transfer in a few seconds, as they’re far simpler.

The time it takes for the individual song to sync with your player gives a hint as to whether copy protection has been left “on”.  If it’s your CD, turn that %&@%#$ off.  Hehe.  Copy protection slows transfer down considerably.

It’s possible you have set an extreme bit rate for your file, and the Sansa is having issues with it.  At 192, you can’t go wrong.  If space is at a premium, 128 is the lowest I’d use for music.

“Skipping” issues can happen if the processor is busy decoding wma files and the memory is fragmented, or if the device was formatted via the PC using a too small file allocation size: Windows loves 4k, and the Sansa optimizes the memory to 32k.  The processor can have issues grabbing those wee bits, with a zillion little blocks allocated in memory (thanks, Microsoft).  If you use the Format function on the Sansa, the allocation will be set properly at 32KB.

First, delete the troublemaker from the Sansa, and rerip as basic MP3, 128-192KB/sec as you rpefer, and play the file again.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Not sure how I did it but I got my FUZE working now !!  Loading music w/o any problems !!!

Thanks for all the input !

I’ve read quite a few reviews and post where people have had this problem because they didn’t have the earbud jack plugged all the way in.  It’s very tight and seems plugged all the way in, but sometimes it’s not.  Perhaps this is what happened.  I would suggest that if it happens again, you should check to see if you’ve got it plugged in all the way.  Hope this helps.  

I must say I am amazed with how the Fuze sounds… I use WMP 11 128 and wow!  I can’t believe it! I have been using one 4 gb one my wife just got herself… I ordered one in 8gb for myself. I’m 51 and feel like a kid waiting for x Mass! What a nice little rig. I can’t get over the functionality in the GUI !!! My wife has 801 songs on hers already…  I’m trying to keep 100mb free for a safety factor…  Enjoy!  George 

Yes, the problem is BAD engineering of the jack where the ear buds are connected. I just went through this same problem. Still may return this device despite an entire afternoon spent downloading music to this device. It really sucks that you can firmly plug in earbuds and get a very positive feel from the connection, yet have a flakey connection. You press on it and it cuts in and out, bad audio, echo-ey, etc. Crappy engineering.

Bob Hi,

I’m having the same issue with my fuze with only a few cd’s…  I have win XP sp3 installed…  The cd’s are 100% fine no scratches nice and clean. they play fine on the computer I used to rip them on as well as the ripped file it self with MP 11.

I have about 500 or so songs on my 8GB Fuze and no other issues… Well just one small 1/2 sec. glitch at the end of a Hendrix song but that’s no big deal… I never formatted the Fuze on my computer I did go over you instructions above very carefully too… I even ripped a few other CD’s after I deleted the skipping CD and the other CD play fine on the Fuze… It does seem that the Fuze just does not like the few CD’s I want in it… I have been ripping MP3 at 128 and they sound fine to me so that’s what I decided to rip all my music at. What to try next to get the few cd’s in the Fuze and not have them skip… My way of thinking is if I have 500 songe in the unit and the  CD I want to put in it plays fine with MP 11 it should transfer and be seen just like the others and play fine too…  Why is something  wrong?  The Fuze has been left at Auto detect usb mode and that has been working for me… Can you give me some stuff to try… I do have another fuze that’s is my wife’s (4 GB) and have not tried the offending CD on that unit yet…  That would be interesting I think… Your thoughts please! George

UPDATE!  OK I just uploaded that Same CD that skips in my 8GB fuze in the wife’s 4GB  fuze and it plays just fine… Plus she has over 950 some odd songs on her unit… What’s up with my unit?There must be something I’m missing! Thanks! George

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