Music shows on sansaclip but not on PC

I have a sansa clip 8gb. Not all the albums show on My Computor or Media Player.

I have tried going into my computer and marking “show hidden files” but this makes no difference

I think some albums may have been synced off another PC but i don’t know why they are still hidden

I have windows 8

My burner is broken and i am trying to get these albums from my sansaclip onto PC so i can put them on a newer sansa

They might been ‘hidden’ in another folder. Why don’t you do a “search” in My Computer for a file name, or partial name?

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. 

Try MSC. 

Try MTP. 

Your computer only sees one USB mode at a time. Imagine pipes to your Sansa. If it was sent through one pipe (USB Mode) the computer sees it. If it was sent through a different USB mode the computer DOESN’T see it. And you say you used a  different computer.

Meanwhile the Sansa doesn’t care how it got there, it sees everything. 

it was probably on Auto Detect and Auto Detect sends it to different USB modes.