Music showing but not playing

I’ve had my M240 for a year or so now and haven’t had any problems with downloaded music. I typically download songs off of, tranfer them to my Windows Media Player and then sync them to my sansa. I had to get a new computer and it has Windows Vista. Now I’m having problems… I download the music and it is in the Media Player fine, when I sync it to the sansa it shows that it is in there but won’t play. It stays on pause. The files were wma files and walmart said they were compatible with the sansa players. I’ve done it several times before and never had an issue. Can anyone please HELP??? Thank you for anything that you can think of.

that sucks, although i can tell you that it staying on pause is a licensing issue.

is there a way to fix it. It hadn’t done it before.

Have you tried a test with any songs that you haven’t purchased from
Walmart? Can you rip a CD and see if those songs play on your Sansa?