Music repeat setting

I’m new to the Clip (4gig, 02.01.16), but I’ve noticed a difference from my wife’s old E250.

Her player finishes an album and stops, but my Clip goes to track 1 in pause mode. 

Is this normal?

MP3 albums are downloaded to the Clip using MSC usb mode in a folder with the album name.

Thanks, Mike

I own a 1GB, 2GB, and a View. I have the repeat turned on, along with the shuffle, so it just keeps playing until it dies or I turn it off. I turned off the repeat function as an experiment to try to answer your question/curiosity. I find that mine goes back to the beginning in pause mode, the two gig that is. I don’t know about the 1 as I can’t find it at the moment because I gifted it to my sister when I got my new one. She a little upset that I now have the view but doesn’t want to buy her own or accept the Fuze as a gift. According to her she doesn’t need one. But that’s another topic. I hope this sheds some light, for you.



Thanks for your response, track 1 in pause mode seems to be normal Clip behavior.

Regards, Mike