Music ratings sync? Connect with YMJ

I’m able to download and rate songs that will sync with YMJ through WiFi.

What I would like to do is transfer a couple dozen new Y! Albums through my PC and rate the songs at work(Wifi off), then sync the rating info with YMJ.

Similar to ipod/iTunes syncing.

Is this possible?

Song, artist, and album ratings do not transfer from YMJ to the Connect.  Further, any changes to ratings that are made on the Connect are not synchronized with YMJ when you connect via USB.   As I potential work-around, using Windows Explorer, I’ve tried dragging and dropping rated tracks on my Connect into My Music- the song shows up and plays, but the ratings do not transfer.  It appears that ratings only write to YMJ and the Connect via a WiFi connection for subscription or purchased tracks.  For imported/ripped tracks, you have to rate them separately on YMJ and the Connect.

…a wish list item for future updates…

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…a wish list item for future updates…  Ditto

Since it is already seamlessly integrated with WiFi, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to include this through USB.  How about it Sandisk…