music playing, but NOTHING on screen (black)

Received my Fuze this a.m.  Plugged in to puter for 3+ hrs.  Daughter (iPod nano owner) dragged some music into Fuze folder on computer.  I unplugged Fuze, turned it on, no image whatsoever on screen.  Plugged phones in, and I heard Orbison.  Hit the >> button, Bowling for Soup.  Still, nothing on screen, not even the white rectangle I’ve seen referenced in other threads.

Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I couldn’t find any other threads that mentioned the problem I’m having.  Any help would be appreciated.

have you tried to reset it? Push the on/off switch up and holding it in the up position for 15-20 seconds. Its a reboot of the software. This may help. Also you should make sure to upgrade the firmwire.


Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I did reset.  Still no image.  Is the blue light on the thumbwheel supposed to stay on?  It only stays on for a few seconds, so with no screen image, it’s kind of hard to tell if I’m on or off!

Edit: also updated the firmware.  Is it possible I’m not fully charged?  Is it just that simple?  I have had it plugged in since first unplugging it, but my situation doesn’t appear to be changing.

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When you plug it into the computer, does the screen still stay black?


Try formatting it. If that doesn’t work, then you have a faulty Fuze most likely.

The Scroll wheel light goes out. Thats normal. Try to plug it in to the back of the PC, this might help you with power

Just plugged it into USB port in back of computer.  Still no signs of life.

Checked online users manual RE: formatting.  Can’t read Fuze screen (obviously) so can’t do it that way.  Manual mentions formatting via Explorer or media player.  Anyone know how to do that, exactly?

Thanks again for your replies, and your patience.

There was a post earlier this week with pictures and everything but basically you plug it in and go to my computer, right click and go down to format. I cannot remember off hand which setting to use. Check some of the posts later on in the board to find out.