Music playback problems


Alright, I’m really stressing here. I tried formating, soft resetting, changing ID3v2 tag, etc.

I really don’t want to resort to converting to wma because of the loss of quality. I cannot figure out why all, but one song in an album of the same bitrate, codec, frequency, etc., does not work in my SE.

Any suggestions?

Message Edited by soyandrice on 11-15-2008 04:25 PM

Okay, I fixed my music files!!!

I was curious why it worked on my computer, but not my SE. So I began assuming the ID3 Tags. When trying to edit them, I thought it wasn’t it. But then again, it was.

Here’s how I fixed the tags so my music will play:

1.) Go here and find the link connecting to the ID3Remover download

2.) Extract files and run the program.

3.) Find the music files on your computer that you cannot play on your SE then drag it to the program.

4.) Press “Remove” to remove tags.

5.) Download Mp3tag.

6.) Install it and drag your music files into the program.

7.) From the top, go to Tag Sources > freedb…

8.) Select “determine via web service” then click ok

9.) Type in artist name or album then press “Next >”

10.) Select your match then press “Next >”

11.) Match up your songs and press okay

After that, try resyncing to your SE. Now it should be read =D