music on my xbox

when i plug my sansa clip into my xbox 360 via USB, it registers as a portable device, but when i go in to select my music, it says that i have no music on my sansa clip.  but i have over a 100 songs.   can anybody tell me what the problem is??!?!?!

I don’t have an Xbox and I don’t know if this explains the issue, but:  files put onto the Clip in MSC mode can only be seen on a computer (and Xbox?) when connected in MSC mode; likewise as to MTP mode.  Do you need to change the Clip’s Settings/USB selection to either MTP or MSC?

ive tried that but it still says that no music can be found on the device

You need to select MTP mode on the device.  Please transefer in MTP mode from the Computer,  then connect to the XBox,  it should work.