Music not showing up

Ok, apologies if this has been posted and answered before.

Ive had no issues with my Fuze untill today, i added a small amount of music (aprox 50 songs) synced through Windows Media player 11. None of what i added today shows up either on the fuze itself, in the folder view (both fuze and windows) or through the windows media player sync tab. However, it shows the space remaining to be accurate for the music that i added.

As i said, cant find the music anywhere, but it claims that the space was indeed taken up by something. If it synced them in a corrupt manner, where would i go to locate the damaged files and remove them so i can re-sync the media

Two immediate possibilities. You may have a tag problem or a database capacity problem.

Tag problem:

First, scroll all the way down the music page to Folders and see if the folder with the music is there. If it is, then the songs are either not tagged or tagged in a format the Fuze doesn’t read–which could be ID3v1 or ID3v2.4 . Folder view should show you the filenames.

Under Artist or Album, you might find the songs under Unknown.

If it’s that easy, you can fix the tags with mp3tag, a free program.

When you install it allow itself to be added to context menus.

Under Tools set its Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

Find the album, right click, use mp3tag under the choices to open it. Highlight all the files and (under Files) just Save them, which will convert them to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

This is of course assuming that there actually are tags filled in for Album, Artist, Song Title, etc. If not, you can highlight all the files and fill in Artist, Album, etc. all at once with mp3tag.

Database capacity problem:

This one is tougher.

The Fuze has a tiny little brain and its firmware has limitations. There is a limit on the size of the database that holds all the tag information. If you have upwards of 5000 songs–all depending on how much tag information there is in each song–then the Fuze can’t display all of them. You can squeeze more on by using mp3tag to shorten the tags,  taking out extra junk like Comments, etc. If your filenames are 01-Artist-Album-Song Title, change them to 01-Song Title. Etc (mp3tag has a Convert Tag to Filename function that lets you do this very easily, one click for a whole album). But with a whole lot of songs you will hit that limit.

Your alternative is Rockbox, the alternate firmware, which can handle a much bigger database.