music mode stuck in a loop


After recently load some new mp3 files onto the internal memory my Sandisk Zip has become unusable. Although the radio work fine, all mp3s essentially play an unassociated diogital loop of music about 2 seconds long. This must be stuck in some buffer somewhere although numerous re-formats haven’t solved the problem. I re-installed the software manually to try and resolve but this issue still persists. I can load and see new mp3 files no problem … just they cannot be played. I also played the mp3s in winamp from the internal memory and I get the same short loop of unassocited music.

Any ideas what has happened and how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

Do they play in Winamp from your computer location (not from the player)? Are you using a PC or a Mac? Did you transfer them in MTP or MSC mode? What is the source of the files? Did you download them from somewhere or rip them yourself from CD’s?

Likely the above will answer the issue.  But otherwise, also try a re-set of the player–holding the power button down for a full 30 seconds.  And then try starting up again.