Music Library won't generate from SD card after firmware update.

Just updated to 1.39 and used player as normal, 0 files on device itself, all music and files on SD card.

All the files are on the Sd card, and can be accessed, and played via navigating the folders.

However attempting to play anything via the music menu gives the error message “no music found”

How do I get the player to look at the Sd card instead of internal memory?

Here are a few questions & ideas. Maybe other Forum members will contribute better suggestions?

  1. Maybe your “missing” files do not have any data in the ID3 tags? 

  2. When the player first accesses a new micro SD card, it will create its favorite primary directories, including Music. 

       Make sure all your music files & folders are within the Music folder of your micro SD card.  

  1. Will some (or all) of your music files play if they are copied into the Music folder of the player’s internal memory?

The music files will appear and play just fine, as long as they are accessed through the “Folder/External storage” folders of the players, which is fine except I can only listen to 1 artist at a time. The problem is that when I go through the “Music” folder of the player it doesn’t detect anything as I believe it’s looking in internal storage only. I want it to default to external storage. The files are in the “Music” section of the SD card.

OK, here is another wild and crazy idea.

Navigate to Settings -> System Settings -> Customize -> Card -> On.

   This should allow you to access CARD Mode -> Artists, Albums, Songs, Books, Playlists stored on the external SD card.

Yep that got it, Turned card on and Music off in the customisation menu. Thanks.