Music in external memory problem

Hi friends,

First of all, sorry by my english, I’m from Colombia :slight_smile:

When I put music in my sansa connect’s internal memory my music is organized perfectly by artist, album, genere, etc.

But, when I put music in the external memory the music is not organized just appear in the list of music, but no in album, artist, etc.

I dont’ Know if this is normal, I need help please.


This is strange as I would think the same tag-reading algorithm would be used for adding song information to the database, regardless of whether the songs are in internal memory or on the expansion card.

Anyway, it probably is an issue with the tags.  Use a program like mp3tag to verify that you are using ID3V2.3 tags, and not ID3V1. 

Could it be somehow that the process of transferring music through the Sansa to the extrenal memory is corrupting the tags?  If the same files list differently when on the Sansa and from the external card, it sounds like the unit is somehow corrupting the tags.