Music GoLists Empty After Fat Sort Execution

I started testing FOLDER mode to listen to some of my LP album conversions to mp3.

During listening I like to click a few favorites into one of the three GoLists.

After a few “drag and drop” sessions I noticed FOLDER mode really shows a messed up alphabetical order in the FAT directory.

So I executed a round of Fat Sort (version 1.0.4). Then FOLDER mode displays everything in perfect order.

    BUT, my GoLists were empty.  ( I repeated this exercise a few times to make sure I did not make a mistake).

    Thankfully, all my “m3u” playlists created with Mp3tag software still work perfectly.

My Conclusions:

    GoLists may use “absolute” FAT directory addresses.

    m3u Playlists may use “relative” FAT directory addresses.