Music Folders

Can you nake separate music folders on the fuse?  I went to the help section and they say it is possible, but from the Folders option under the music menu.  The only options I get are: artist, albums, songs genres, and playlists.  I cannot find a folder option.  What am I doing wrong?

The Fuze+ does not have “Folder view”, the old Fuze does. Hopefully Folder view/navagation will be added in one of the future firmware updates. You can request it as a future feature at this Thread.

A number of us have requested folder view, more request may help to get it considered. Fingers crossed : )

Thanks.  I will be returning mine!!!

I may return mine too. I bought mine to use for work. downloaded my music the way I needed to play it  and it messed up the whole list. Anyone know how I can get it to load in my folder in the order I need?

Although it might be tedious to create depending on the number of songs, a playlist would probably be your best option until they implement music folders.