Music folders created with Windows viewed on Mac...


I have created music fom my Sansa Clip with Windows Media Plays on XP as well as with iTunes on my Mac OS 10x. Either way plays fine on the Clip. The issue I am having is that the artists are not sorted quite alphabetically when appearing in the Clip. I will see all the artists fine with MP3 player, but in the case of artists starting with the letter C, I might see Cheap Trick before Calexia. It seems to be sorting alphabetically for Windows-created music above Mac-created music within the letter.

Then when I plug the Clip into my Windows desktop with the USB cable, I see only those Windows-created music. On the flip side, when I plug it into my Mac laptop, I see only the Mac-created folders. Like I said earlier, at least I can view and listen to all with the Clip.

Have others experienced these issues? If so, any tips where music created on one operating system and how to view on another? If so, then I think I would be able to sort my artists folders. Otherwise, I pleased with my toy.


it sounds like your issue may be related to the usb modes MTP and MSC. The clip has 3 different usb modes MTP (media transfer protocol) MSC ( mass storage class) and auto detect. by default the clip is set to auto detect.

since you use the clip between both mac and PC your best bet will be to format the clip set it to MSC mode and reload all you music.

in the clip menu go to settings>usb mode>MSC

then reload all you music and that should resolve your issue.

Thanks! That did the trick.