Music folder shows up empty

Hey folks…got my GF a 4GB Fuze for Xmas but I want to load it with a bunch of tunes before I give it to her…I was messing around to see how file names when so I transfered over 3 album folders…i kept connecting to the computer to test file names to get it tags right…so a lot of connecting and disconnecting to the PC…after about 20 or so connections…when I’d click on the MUSIC folder…it would show up as EMPTY…yet when I’d play the player…they’re still there.

Why would the folder show up empty? I’m running the latest version of Vista…same thing happened on my Mac this morning…had only ONE mp3 file on there…when I plugged into my mac…it shows ZERO files in the Music folder.

Since you are using the player between the PC and the MAC,  you need to change your USB settings to MSC mode.

The default is Auto,  which selects MTP mode for the Vista Machine and MSC mode for the MAC.

You cant see content placed in MTP mode in MSC mode and vice versa.

On the player go to Settings>System Settings>USB Mode>MSC

Then you will see only the MSC content. 

You might want to delete the MTP content first (from Vista) or reformat the player.

ah…good to know. When the Music folder showed up with ZERO files on Vista…i was in AUTO usb mode…will switch and see how it goes…thanks!

So then I could never go between my PC and MAC to update files or add new ones cuz they wont see what’s been put on from my PC? 

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Set MSC mode and it will work perfectly between the PC and MAC.

MTP = M ighty T ough P roblems

MSC = M ost Successful C onnections


Actually,  since the WMP11 MTP updates the MTP protocol is working very well is is quite stable.

For older systems, yes many have issues with the original implementation and encounter connection issues.

Over time I think MTP will not be an issue, original MSC implementations also had issues.

If you like Rhapsody, Napster or Netlibrary content,  you deal with it.

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