music files unreadable

i have a sansam240.

i have alot of songs in it but when i hook it up to my computer to erase some songs it says that there are no files in it.

can somone explain why and have an answer?



What I recommend is changing the settings for your USB.

Press the POWER/MENU button
Select “USB”
Select “MSC”
Press the “select button” (The one between the Play/Pause-Repeat/AB buttons)

This turns your unit into a “flash-drive” and allows you to access the files as though the plyer were another drive.   Open “My Computer” and you’ll see your player listed as a drive.  Your music files are in a folder called “Audible” and are easily deleted as any standard file.  You can leave the player on this setting and it won’t affect your normal synching activites.

Beware–once deleted from the player the file is unretrievable.