Music files that come on the Clip...Any way to dump them?

My 4G Clip has about a half-dozen music files that were pre-installed either on the unit itself, or when I uploaded the Firmware software.  Not sure which, but is there a way to delete them?  When I go into the drive that shows the contents of the Clip in My Computer, none of those files show up.  Any help is appreciated…

go to settings > format > yes.

this will delete every music file in the device. 

Explaining the “invisibility”:  when your Clip is connected to your computer in MTP mode, only songs transferred to the Clip while in MTP mode appear; the same as to MSC mode.  If I recall correctly, the original tunes only appear when you are connected in MTP mode and my hunch is that you are connected in MSC mode. 

This is why, as I don’t use DRMed music and files (only available with MTP mode), I have my Clip’s USB setting set to MSC mode rather than Auto, for the ultimate in universality (MSC mode does not have the higher requirements needed for MTP mode) and so all my files always appear.