Music file types

I am having a problem trying to convert music files. I bought music from rhapsody and the file type on my hard drive is an RAX file. Is this not supported by the media converter or am I doing something wrong?

You use Rhapsody and the player in MSC mode.  It should covert the files unless you have the R version.

My player is a e270R and the player will play the songs, but windows media player doesn’t recognize the file type and i don’t know if i can burn the music to CD.

The reason that Windows Media Player does not play RAX files is they are RealAudio files with DRM.

So then do i need to buy a program to convert from the rax file type, or will the sansa media converter do it?

I do not know if there is a program that can convert RAX files.  The Sansa Media Converter will only convert photos and movies for the Sansa.

Try converter TuneCab. Convert RAX and other audio/video files