Music Fade-in - e260

After getting the latest firmware update for my Sansa e260 some time ago (01.02.18A) so that it would work in my Sansa base station, it seems that it decided fading in to each song was a good idea.  It’s such a stupid problem, and that’s probably why I’ve procrastinated for so long, but the fade-in really kills albums that are one continuous song, such as any live album.  Instead of it transitioning to the next song seamlessly, it instead has a jarring silence followed by a short fade-in, which usually ruins the transitions – such as if the beginning of the next song is a powerful drum strike, Sansa turns it into a muffled whisper which you eventually hear the reverbrations from once it finishes fading in.  It’s gotten to the point that I’d almost rather remove the update (and not be able to use my base station ever) just so it doesn’t fade-in any longer.

So, is there a way to get rid of this without rendering the base station I bought inert?  Or, if I update again (assuming there is a newer version) does this go away / have an option to be turned off?  Or, finally, is there even a way to remove the update and bring it back to the way it was?  I’m scared to update it further, incase some other nefarious song-altering transition comes along and makes it even worse (god forbid a fade-out and a fade-in).  Seems like an easy enough question without any other answer on the site or forums (did my best job in checking).

Actually, the f/w version your’e running (01.02.18) is the most stable and bug-free firmware for the v1 players. The latest version (01.02.24) has several problems and people are “back-dating” to the .18 version.

I have to tell you though that I have both an e260v1 and an e280v2 player and I use them both with the SanDisk docking station and have never encountered a “fade-in” on any song on either of them. In fact, there are times when it would be nice. My e260v1 player has the 01.02.18a firmware, and it works like a champ.

This “fade-in” business is a new one on me. I have not heard that it is a feature nor a problem. I think though, that I did read that it was a switchable option with Rockbox firmware. But you can’t run that and use the docking station since Rockbox doesn’t support the 30 pin connector jack.

Maybe someone else will chime in with their experiences and/or info.

EDIT: an after-thought . . . you’ll probably get more response if you post this in the e200 series forum. This issue is more about the operation of the player, and not really about the Sansa Updater.

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